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As the First Lady of Tabernacle Baptist Church, Petersburg, Virginia I extend a very warm and special welcome to all those who visit our church family in person or via the Website of “the Concerned Church for ALL people. ”  We make every effort to follow the footsteps God has laid down for us as we journey through and conquer life’s issues.  We are a praying church, a growing church, a loving church.  Our pastor constantly and consistently feeds us  a spirit filled, scripturally- based diet all the time.   You will find a home of kinfolk here.  You will find several ministries that beckon you to experience what God has for you.  As you follow us on our Webpages, please know that we want you to get involved and run this Christian race with us.  A statement issued by DayStar made the following observation: 


To be a Christian without prayer is like a lamp that’s not plugged in.  Knowing the Bible is one thing; Knowing the Author is another. 


Again I greet you with Christian joy and pray that God will continually bless and keep you in His care! Romans 8:31(b) states:  If God be for us, who can be against us?  I pray that your desire to know and experience HIM are strengthened and your faith is renewed.


Purposively driven to live for God,

Christine Heath Diggs, Ph.D.


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