Men's Fellowship Ministry

Mission Statement: To promote Christian fellowship and spiritual camaraderie among all male members of the Tabernacle Baptist Church and surrounding communities through “teaching, tutoring, mentoring, recreational activities, and support of various church ministries, as applicable.


  • To assist the pastor and officers of the church in raising Christian awareness.
  • To expand the Christian experience of the male membership of TBC.
  • To provide opportunities for the men of TBC to fellowship and exchange ideas that will help continue their spiritual growth in the church, home and community.
  • To conduct an annual retreat that will provide an atmosphere for spiritual enrichment, reflection, evaluation and planning.
  • To provide the membership of TBC with opportunities to be involved in Christian outreach ministries throughout the community.
  • To fellowship with other ministries, men clubs and organizations sharing goals and objectives similar to those of the TBC Men’s Fellowship Ministry.
  • To provide assistance (upon request) to auxiliaries, programs, projects and outreach programs in the Church.

Ministries and Outreach Programs

  • Southside Virginia Training Center (SVTC) Mental Retardation
  • CARES Battered Women's Home
  • Baptist Children's Home for the Orphans
  • Support of the Annual Thanksgiving Missionary Basket Program

Meeting Date and Time: 1st Saturday of every month at 9:00 a.m.

President: Brother Stanley Hathorn

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